Speaker bit pack

Speaker bit pack
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Use the Speaker bit to play sounds or code it to play a tune with your invention.

Each pack contains 10 x speaker bits.

12 month replacement warranty

USD $59.00

More information on the Speaker bit pack

The speaker is an output bit that can play a range of sounds. The Invention Engine speaker bit can play musical notes (such as C# for a quarter beat), tones (such as 1000 Hz for 500mS) and sound effects (such as awooga, beep or an alarm).

These sounds play at volumes ranging from 1 to 10 and you can customise the volume and duration of both musical notes and frequencies.

In the Invention Engine Blocks app, there are notes from 4th Octave C to 6th Octave B.
The tempo of music can be set from 60 to 250 beats per minute.

Learn more about the speaker bit here and see the speaker bit in action below.


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