Invention Engine

A design thinking approach to teaching STEM through engineering and code.

The fun of inventing is the journey

Invention Engine is a robust, hands-on platform for learning computer science.

Electronics meets cardboard

Empower students to code, engineer, and design their own inventions.

With Invention Engine students proudly transform humble cardboard into working products.

More time learning

The system contains a central hub and a range of Invention Engine bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) that are easily mounted to cardboard.

The simple plug-in Invention Engine bits connect only one way, so students spend more time creating, learning and coding.

Get coding fast

Invention Engine Blocks opens in the browser with no drivers or software installation required. Compatible across Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and Linux.

Experience Invention Engine

The sample pack is a valuable opportunity to assess and experience the Invention Engine system, the resources and the coding language. Completing the sample activity will reveal the many ways in which Invention Engine will help deliver your curriculum goals.

Teach with Invention Engine

Engage your students by doing.

Invention Engine Units are supported by curriculum aligned and free to download teacher and student guides.

Abound with engaging projects, the lesson plans balance hands-on experience with progressive supportive instruction.

With Invention Engine, your students will be not just coders, but inventors, problem solvers and creative thinkers.

There are three units for learning with Invention Engine; coding, engineering and design thinking.

Invention Engine unit 1 image
Invention Engine Unit 2
Invention Engine Unit 3
suppInvention Engine Support

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