Teach with Invention Engine

Combined, the versatility of cardboard with the flexibility of the Invention Engine system create a rich, playful base of materials that students can use across the curriculum.

The lessons seek to balance hands-on experiences with a solid grounding and introductory instruction. Thus, creating a strong scaffolding for both learners and educators.

While tackling real-world problems students develop skills in computer science, engineering, and design thinking to produce unique solutions they can share, use and feel proud about.

Enhance the learning as a cross-curricular project or follow the lesson plans to deliver curriculum-aligned STEM skills. In all cases, Invention Engine is guaranteed to help your students see learning as an active process in which they can design, code and make their ideas.

Invention Engine Unit 1 lessons image

Engaging and progressive lesson plans

Each unit is supported by a free to download comprehensive teacher guide and student guide.

The goal of the lesson is to provide a pathway to learn how things works, then use that knowledge to create new, even more interesting things.

In other words, the creations that students make and program using Invention Engine, along with the along with the Invention Engine student worksheets, end up being both proof of the learning and the outcome achieved from that journey.

Scaffolding is used to help create a trail from concrete to open ended, naturally stretching learners and keeping the learner at the centre of the experience from Unit 1 to Unit 3.

Invention Engine Unit 1 lessons image

All the right Invention Engine bits – Unit bundles tied to lesson plans

Unit bundles are the quickest and easiest ways for learners of all skill levels to create engaging, interactive projects and have rich coding and engineering experiences.

Invention Engine bundle packs match the units numbers in the lesson plans, so you always have the right Invention Engine bits. We recommend one set of Invention Engine bits per student. Each bundle, has ten sets.

Purchase Invention Engine bits individually, instead of a bundle.

This may be helpful to:

  • Top up your kit! You want to add new Invention Engine bits, or replace lost or old parts
  • Create your own projects – choose the Invention Engine bits you need
Invention Engine Unit 1 Bundle
Unit 1 Bundle

In Unit 1 students will learn about the input-process-output cycle of computers.

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Invention Engine Unit 2 Bundle
Unit 2 Bundle

In Unit 2 students are introduced to the Noise, Light, Proximity, Dial, Speaker and Servo bits.

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Invention Engine Unit 3 Bundle
Unit 3 Bundle

In Unit 3 students start to identify and solve real world problems.

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Seven reasons to choose Invention Engine for your classroom

  1. Invention Engine is designed to work with cardboard This inexpensive material is all you need for students to bring interactive creations to life. Add basic craft materials (such as paint or other art supplies) to the mix and students are able to design, test debug, improve, decorate and personalize their inventions.
  2. Simplicity in design Invention Engine can be purchased as set kits, each tied to complete educational units, you will have everything you need to get started. No need to worry about sourcing additional cables, memory cards or electronic components.
  3. Engaging, relevant and fun! Invention Engine makes the learning journey a personal one. Each student develops their own invention and approach to solving a problem, making the learning relevant, motivating, challenging and interesting.
  4. Coding with a side effect the hands-on process of creating a working invention using the Invention Engine Cycle, supports students to develop the tools and skills needed to transform an idea through the design, code, build, test and iterate process into an invention.
  5. Low floor high ceiling the wide-range of Invention Engine bits offers a limitless range of projects across subject areas and skill levels.
  6. Reusable, flexible, and inexpensive simply remove the Invention Engine bits, and rivets from inventions, recycle your cardboard and reuse the system. Create your own projects and choose your own adventure! You don’t need to follow the resources, use Invention Engine to develop projects to suit your specific classroom needs.
  7. Buy only what you need If you need a top up of Invention Engine bits or rivets, or to add an additional Invention Engine bit to your kit – you can. You don’t need to buy the whole kit again.

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