About Invention Engine

Invention Engine is a robust, hands-on platform for learning computer science.

The system contains a programmable Invention Engine hub and a range of connectable Invention Engine bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) all of which can be easily attached to cardboard allowing coded creations to come to life.




The modular system allows students to begin with the basics, learning by doing as they build up skills and create exciting inventions.

The versatility of cardboard, the flexibility of the Invention Engine system and the comprehensive nature of the resources create a rich, playful and affordable base of materials that students can use across the curriculum.

Invention Engine motor and servo bit - ISV001 and IMT001
Invention Engine Hub and Bits

The Invention Engine bits and hub

Create engaging inventions that interact with the world through to a range of sensors and respond with lights, sounds and movement.

The Invention Engine hub and connectable Invention Engine bits are ready to go! The Invention Engine bits connect easily to the hub, thus avoiding technical issues that don’t contribute to student’s learning.

All of the Invention Engine bits and the hub integrate easily to cardboard, are reusable and programmable.

Each Invention Engine bit is introduced in a lesson plan activity and supported further by datasheet to expand student’s knowledge, provide a real-world example and deliver ideas on how to use the bit.

With a total of 15 Invention Engine bits, 9 inputs and 6 outputs student’s inventions are limitless.

Invention Engine Hub and Bits
Invention Engine on programming device

The coding language

Invention Blocks combines the ease of drag-and-drop programming with powerful functionality and versatility. The result is a programming language that is easy to learn and offers a robust platform for computer science education. 

The language takes advantage of the familiarity many students have to the popular Scratch programming language. Helfpul pictures like the built-in bug box, make the transition to using more complex programming structures approachable even with no prior coding experience.

You can access Invention Blocks at www.inventionengine.app

Invention Engine stencil and punch tool

The building tools

Attach the Invention Engine bits to cardboard safely, neatly, and easily using the construction tools for Invention Engine.

Invention Engine’s building tools are reusable, sturdy, safe and intuitive. The complete system has a stencil that guides students on the positioning of the Invention Engine bits, punch tools which offer a safe and reliable way for piercing the cardboard, and rivets to hold the Invention Engine bits in place.

Invention Engine stencil and punch tool

Classroom resources

Invention Engine resources offer real and relevant hands-on experiences. Focusing on inventions where multiple solutions are possible, Invention Engine honours individuality, student’s own thinking and problem solving.

Each unit is supported by a student guide and a teacher guide. There are three units for learning with Invention Engine; coding, engineering and inventing.

The activities included in the lessons encourage students to practice the concepts explained through the lesson. The electronics produce a learning feedback loop where the Invention Engine bit’s behaviour will guide the need to modify the code for the invention to work and complete the learning.

Each unit culminates in an open-ended capstone invention for students to shine and feel pride in sharing their unique working invention.

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