Sample Pack

Experience the process of inventing with Invention Engine!

Make the selection of resources to support your class a fun and meaningful journey.

The sample pack is a risk-free opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ Invention Engine. Discover the lesson plans, the programming language, the electronics, and the construction materials to find the right fit for your class.

In the sample pack, you will receive everything you need to complete Unit 1 of the lessons and the Sample pack introduction activity. The activity guide will guide you to design, code, and build a Cookie jar alarm.

Download the Exploring Invention Engine – Sample pack introduction activity to get started now!

We want you to choose the best fit for your classroom.

By completing the project in the Sample pack, you can gain deeper understanding about the product before you commit to a classroom kit. Thus:

  • Evaluating if the product is appropriate for your class level
  • Understanding if the resources can help you deliver your curriculum needs
  • Imagining what it would be like to teach with Invention Engine in your own classroom

The Sample pack can also be an invaluable tool to get buy-in from your principal or school by demonstrating how the kit works, and the potential it holds for your students.

Invention Engine Sample Pack

Order your Sample pack.

Get to know Invention Engine with everything you need to start inventing. 

Download the free sample pack introduction activity here to build your very own cookie jar alarm.

Learn about credit terms for US schools here

USD $59.00

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