Unit 2: The Engineer Cycle

Turn your ideas into inventions.

In Unit 2 students will explore the engineering cycle one invention at a time.

Working with the Light, Magnet, and Tilt sensors students make more interactive inventions. The Servo bit introduces students to movement in their inventions.

In this unit students experiment with more complex coding concepts and gain skills crucial to each step of the iterative engineering cycle.

Invention Engine unit 2 image
Invention Engine unit 2 image

Unit 2 Lesson Activities – Student Set

The Invention Engine Unit 2 lesson activities contains worksheets and activity sheets designed for independent use by students aged 12+ who are learning computer science foundations.

Unit 2 features 5 main activities and an introduction to the Invention Engine Invention Cycle as well as utilising the Invention Engine Journal.

The student lessons include clear instructions, colourful illustrations, activity sheets for testing program solutions and challenges for students to work through as they learn computational thinking and computer science fundamentals.


Invention Engine Teaching Guide U2

Unit 2 Teacher’s Guide

The Unit 2 teacher’s guide offers teachers and instructors overviews, delivery recommendations and other supporting information for the Invention Engine Unit 2 lesson activities to help make teaching Invention Engine easy and fun. Designed to be used in partnership with the Unit 2 student set, the teaching guide provides:

  • an overview of each activity and the key learning objectives,
  • key vocabulary used throughout the activities,
  • the activity’s purpose and objectives,
  • guided student questions with answer key for recommendations on assessing student work,
  • cross curricular ideas.

Getting started with this unit…

To take the pain out of purchases, all the bits you need to complete this unit have been bundled together, with each bundle catering for up to 10 students.

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