Digital display bit pack

Digital display bit pack
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Use the Digital display bit to display numbers or values with your invention.

Each pack contains 10 x digital display bits.


12 month replacement warranty

USD $59.00

More information on the Digital display bit pack

The digital display is an output bit that emits patterns of light using LEDs that are attached to a special display board.

The digital display board has five individual digit spaces. Each digit space contains seven lines which make up a rectangle-shaped grid. Behind each line there is a single LED which can be turned on or off independently.

Each digit space can be used to display a number (0 up to 9) using some combination of the lines. The digital display can be used to display number values ranging from -9,999 to 30,000.
Letters can also be displayed, but not all the letters and not always in upper and lower case. The shape of letters like W, Z and V cannot be formed.

There are also several pre-set visual patterns the digital display can show.

Learn more about the digital display bit here and see the digital display bit in action below.


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