Battery bit pack

Battery bit pack
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Use the Battery bit to power your invention.

Each pack contains:
10 x Battery bit
10 x Pouch

12 month replacement warranty

USD $39.00

More information on the Battery bit pack

The battery bit provides the power to the Invention Engine hub which in turns provides power to the inventions plugged into the hub.

The battery bit is used whenever an invention needs to operate away from the power of a computer or power outlet (via USB adaptor).

You can unplug your Invention Engine hub from the computer and plug it in to the battery bit instead. Your program will still run because the hub stores the last program you downloaded.

The battery bit uses 4 x AA batteries (not included), has an on/off switch, locks closed with a Philips head screw and has a USB socket output.

The battery bit comes with a holster that can be mounted to cardboard. When mounting the battery bit to cardboard, consider how it can be positioned so that the power switch is still accessible.

Learn more about the battery bit here.

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