Magnet sensor and magnet bit pack

Magnet sensor and magnet bit pack
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Use the Magnet sensor bit to detect the proximity of the Magnet bit in your invention.

Each magnet sensor bit pack contains:

  • 10 x magnet sensor bit

  • 10 x magnet bit
12 month replacement warranty

USD $39.00

More information on the Magnet sensor and magnet bit pack

The Magnet sensor bit detects the close (approx. 10mm) proximity of a magnet. The magnet bit is supplied as two parts, the magnet, and the sensor. The magnet does not require connection to the Invention Engine hub. The magnet sensor can detect any strong magnetic field. Larger and more powerful magnets can be detected at further distances.

The Magnet sensor bit has a red LED to indicate the bit’s output. If there is a magnet in close proximity, the LED will turn on.

Learn more about the magnet sensor bit here and see the magnet sensor and magnet bit in action below.


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