Punch tool and stencil pack

Punch tool and stencil pack
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Use the punch tool and stencil to cut mounting positions for your hub and Invention Engine bits.

Each punch tool and stencil pack contains:

  • 10 x punch tool
  • 10 x stencil


12 month replacement warranty

USD $19.00

More information on the Punch tool and stencil pack

The Invention Engine stencil is a guide used to mark your cardboard. The stencil is organised into numbers that correspond with Invention Engine bit shapes and letters that correspond with rivet guides. The stencil also has a cardboard thickness gauge to ensure that the chosen cardboard is suitable to use with Invention Engine.

The Invention Engine punch tool is used for making holes in cardboard. Use the punch tool with the stencil to attach the Invention Engine bits and the hub to cardboard.
The punch tool can be separated into two parts, the inner and outer punch tool.

The outer punch tool is used to punch out the grid holes to create holes for the rivets. The inner punch tool is used to poke holes through the cardboard to create a perforated shape that can be pushed out by hand and ready for the Invention Engine bit to be secured.

Learn more about the punch tool and stencil here.

Safety when using the Invention Engine punch tools

  • Use caution as the inner punch tool has a sharp point.
  • Protect the work surface when using the punch tools by putting a piece of cardboard on the table or surface.
  • The cardboard should always be flat when using the punch tool.
  • Do not put your hand under the cardboard when using the punch tool.


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